This presentation is for the WMST 100 class (Representations of Women) under Women and Gender Studies and is a classroom of mostly underclass students however, a few upperclass students who are taking it as an elective. My class has 40 students. Overall, the course gives students an overview of the constructs of gender, sex, sexuality and identify from an intersectional lens. Around the times requested, we will be reading Under the Udala Tree which is a young adult fiction book by Chinelo Okparanta about a young Nigerian woman who falls in love with a Nigerian woman from another tribe in a war torn christian dominated society.

My thought in bringing LGBTQ Resources into the conversation is to expose students to a new resource if they don’t already know about it and to provide an additionally perspective that cements the reading we will be doing. My class is an 1 and 15 minutes long and I am happy to give the entire class time if that is helpful, but I also want to respect capacity.

Below I selected the Gender Intro, Coming Out Star Activity and the Stigmas Activity, but I am flexible in terms of what you think might work best!

(I selected several dates. However, some of them are coming up quickly and therefore I can be flexible to another date if that works better for you all. Also, if you don’t have capacity to do a presentation at this time, that is okay too!)

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