This is a GCH/SOCW 445 course of prospective public health and social workers, and this section of the course covers social determinants of health and risk factors for the LGBTQ population. We are looking at homelessness, depression, suicide, and special health care needs and inclusion to avoid “othering” and exclusion. This is SOOO short notice, because I didn’t even realize that you all may offer these kinds of presentations to classes, but we would love it. My time slot request is kind of confusing, but I am looking at THIS Thursday morning for one of my sections, which is 10:30am to 11:45pm, and then for my other section, Monday, 4/2 at 4:30pm. I may have a speaker from the county that night on intimate partner violence, so I would have you all go first and then ask them to come to start like at 5:30pm, which would give you all an hour.

Please note that I added a third time slot because it would not let me submit the form without one, but that date is not available.

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