I would like to host a seminar introducing my new fitness e-book: “I can make you a man: Muscle building 101 for transmen”. As long as give an overall overview of fitness and nutrition as it applies especially to transmen but in general also. Of course any LGBT+ identifying person or ally may attend! An overall itinerary would go something like this:
1. Introduction: Who I am and why the heck should you even listen to me!
2. Participants introduce themselves and why they are interested in fitness
Vibrant fun interactive presentation highlighting critical elements in the ebook
3. Wrap up with offering my private coaching 1 hour sessions: only $5 for people who identify as ftm transmen, $20 for Mason students, $60 for non Mason students
Anyone who attends will get a free copy of the ebook sent to their email! If approved I can have flyers made 🙂

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