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There are many ways that students, faculty, and staff can be involved with LGBTQ+ Resources and affiliated activities

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Research Opportunities

These are a set of curated research opportunities that involve LGBTQ+ subjects. Unless noted (note:), all research is IRB approved. An asterisk (*) indicates a researcher affiliated with George Mason University. Postings are only listed for three months unless otherwise requested by the researcher.

We find it valuable for student, faculty, and staff to engage with research as participants as this is often an opportunity to reflect on your experiences


-Participants receive some form of tangible compensation for participating

Posted on 11/3/2020:

*This study has been approved by George Mason University’s Institutional Review Board: IRBNet project number 1499119-1. 

Do you identify as lesbian, gay, or bisexual? Are you a current senior, graduating this fall, spring, or summer? 

I invite you to take part in a study about the senior year of college. Any senior who is at least 18 years of age and identifies as lesbian, gay, or bisexual is eligible to volunteer for an interview and brief questionnaire conducted over Zoom. The interview and questionnaire will last approximately one hour and are completely confidential. You will receive a $10 Amazon gift card for your participation.

The goal of this study is to understand your experiences as a lesbian, gay, or bisexual student and your experiences college senior. By participating, you will help contribute to what we know about the senior year of college.

Interested? Please e-mail me directly at to set up an interview date/time.

Thank you for considering it.

Blake Silver, PhD, Honors College George, Mason University. 

Uncompensated/Compensation Not Guaranteed

-Participants do not receive any tangible compensation or compensation not guaranteed (for example, participants put into a drawing for compensation)