Identity Nights

Identity Nights are a non-facilitated space for communities and people with shared identities to come together. People are encouraged to come and discuss whatever is on their mind, hang out, goof off, get deep, or whatever else needs to happen. You can drop in or register on our Mason360. Each Identity Night is different, and we hold many different nights for different identities.  

Identity Nights take place Tuesdays and Wednesdays 5:30-6:30pm in the LGBTQ+ Resources Center (SUB 1 2200)

  • 1/25 and 1/26: Aromantic and Asexual
  • 2/1 and 2/2: Bi and Pan
  • 2/8 and 2/9: Queer Neurodivergency  
  • 2/15 and 2/16: Nonbinary and Trans
  • 2/22 and 2/23: Queer and Trans BIPOC