Out and Ally List

The following people have given us their names, committing themselves as resources to LGBTQ+ folks at Mason.The list includes Mason students, faculty and staff who have been Safe Zone trained and/or who are willing to be publicly out as members of LGBTQ+ communities. If you would like to be listed as a resource in either or both of these ways, please complete and submit this form!

“Coming Out” is the process of becoming aware, accepting in oneself, and then letting others know about, one’s sexuality and/or gender identity. This list is also about honoring and celebrating that process; honoring the courage of all LGBTQ+ people regardless of their choices about coming out, because it is not always safe to do so.

If there is an error in your information or you would like to be removed from our site, please email to let us know.

Name Pronouns Out as LGBTQ+ Attended Safe Zone  Role at Mason Department/Major Email
Abby Miller she/her/hers Yes Yes Fairfax Information Coordinator University Information amille43@gmu.edu
Alex Bodenham He, Him, His Yes Yes Chief Marketing and Recruitment Officer College of Education & Human Development abodenha@gmu.edu
Alex Elliott she/her/hers Yes Yes Student Government and International Politics aellio4@gmu.edu
Alissa Karton she/her/hers Yes Assistant to the VP and Director of Special Projects University Life akarton@gmu.edu
Allan Weiss he/him/his/himself Yes Department Manager Dept. of Global and Community Health aweiss@gmu.edu
Allie Minieri she/her/hers Yes Assistant Director, Training Services Counseling and Psychological Services aminieri@gmu.edu
Alyssa Fahringer she/her/hers No Yes Faculty Fenwick Library afahring@gmu.edu
Amanda E. Compton she/her/hers No Yes Director, Bar Support and Instructor Antonin Scalia Law School acompto@gmu.edu
Dr. Amber Holton-Thomas she/her/hers Associate Director, Student Access and Equity ODIME + LGBTQ+ Resources ahampto@gmu.edu
Amy Crummie She/Her Yes Student College of Humanities and Social Science acrummi2@gmu.edu
Amy Murphy she/her Yes Research faculty Schar amurph10@gmu.edu
Amy Snyder she/her/hers Yes Director of Special Projects for University Life University Life asnyder@gmu.edu
Ana Carolina Machado Silva She/Her/Hers Yes Graduate Assistant for Living Learning Communities Housing and Residence Life amachad3@masonlive.gmu.edu
Andrea Landis she/her Yes Faculty CHHS SON alandis@gmu.edu
Andrew E Bunting He/Him/His Yes Yes Director, Admissions Operations Office of Admissions abunting@gmu.edu
Anne Magro Yes Yes Deputy Dean and Senior Assoc Dean for Strategy and Impact School of Business- Accounting amagro@gmu.edu
Ashley Stride she/her/hers Yes No PhD Candidate and Graduate Lecturer CEHD – Special Education astride@gmu.edu
Aysha Puhl She her hers Yes Yes Associate Director, Residential Student Education and Engagement Housing and Residence Life apuhl@gmu.edu
Bess Dieffenbach  She/Her/Hers Yes Human Subjects Program Manager IRB Manager edieffen@gmu.edu
Bethany Usher She/her/hers Yes Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education Office of Provost busher@gmu.edu
Blakeney Hartka she/her Yes UNIV Training Coordinator Undergraduate Education – UNIV Courses & Programs bhadden2@gmu.edu
Brian Gillette
he/him/his No Yes
Director, Advising and Student Affairs
Global and Community Health bgillett@gmu.edu
Brittany Samko she/her/hers No Yes Customized Program Administrator Global Education Office bsamko@gmu.edu
Caroline Simpson she/her No Yes Graduate Professional Assistant for Career Services Graduate Student in the Higher Education Program csimpso@gmu.edu
Carrie Cox she/her/hers No Yes Assistant Technical Director School of Theater
Carrie Grabo she/her/hers Yes Undergraduate Coordinator History and Art History Department cgrabo1@gmu.edu
Casey Klemmer he/him/his Yes Yes Student/Staff Women and Gender Studies cklemmer@masonlive.gmu.edu
Casey Machuga she/her/herself Yes Assistant Director Contemporary Student Services csmit34@gmu.edu
Charnee Long she/her/hers Yes No Student Communications clong19@gmu.edu
Chelsea Foudray she/her/hers Yes Yes Graduate student/GRA Criminology, Law, and Society mvandijk@masonlive.gmu.edu
Christian Barber He/Him/His Yes Yes Associate Director of Residence Life Housing & Residence Life cbarber6@gmu.edu
Christine Bobal she/her/hers Yes Yes English Language Faculty INTO Mason cbobal2@gmu.edu
Chris Holland he/him/his Yes No Chief Housing Officer Housing/University Life chollan@gmu.edu
Christy Pichichero She/her/hers Yes Yes Assistant Professor of French Modern and Classical Languages cpichich@gmu.edu
Christopher Carr he/him/his Yes Yes Chief Diversity Officer Volgenau School of Engineering ccarr21@gmu.edu
Christopher Lencioni he/him/they/them Yes Yes Student Information Technology clencion@gmu.edu
Clare Yordy she/her/hers Yes Student Psychology and Theater cyordy@masonlive.gmu.edu
Collette Lawson Yes Yes Staff Public & International Affairs
Conor O’Malley He/Him Yes Alumni and current Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco Class of 2012 Comalle1@gmail.com
Cynthia Fuchs she/her/hers Yes Professor and Associate Director of FAVS FAVS and English Department cfuchs@gmu.edu
Danielle S. Rudes she/her Yes Associate Professor Criminology, Law, & Society drudes@gmu.edu
David Lemmons he/him Yes Yes Instruction Coordinator Libraries (Fenwick Library) dlemmons@gmu.edu
David Powers Corwin they/them/theirs Yes Yes Program Coordinator Women and Gender Studies dcorwin@gmu.edu
Don Starr He/Him/His Yes Yes Associate Director School of Art dstarr@gmu.edu
Doris Bitler Davis Yes Faculty Psychology dbitler@gmu.edu
Drew Ensz He/him/his No Yes Arise Campus Minister Campus Ministry aensz@gmu.edu
Earle Reybold Yes Faculty College of Education & Human Development ereybold@gmu.edu
Ekaterina Gaetjens she/her Yes Student egaetjen@masonlive.gmu.edu
Elizabeth Hilton she/her/hers Yes No Assistant Rowing Coach Field House ehilton2@gmu.edu
Elysia Lash she/her/hers Yes Yes Associate Director University Life Assessment, Research, and Retention elash@gmu.edu
Emerson Birrell they/he Yes Yes Student and LGBTQ+ Resources Intern Bachelor of Social Work ebirrell@masonlive.gmu.edu
Erin Fay she/her/hers No Yes Graduate Student Higher Education efay4@gmu.edu
Francis Rivas She/Her Yes No Student Public Health frivas@gmu.edu
Gabriela Christian she/her No Yes Student Criminology, Law and Society gchrist4@masonlive.gmu.edu
Garey Davis Yes Assistant Director Office of Diversity, Inclusion, & Multicultural Education
Giovanna Chesler they/them/theirs Yes Director and Associate Professor Film and Video Studies gchesler@gmu.edu
Grace Francis She her Yes Faculty Finely (CEHD) gfranci4@gmu.edu
Graziella Pagliarulo McCarron she/her/hers Yes Faculty School of Integrative Studies
Helen McManus they/them Yes Yes Head, Collections Strategy University Libraries hmcmanus@gmu.edu
Holly Mason she/her/hers Yes Yes Graduate Admissions Coordinator & Fiscal Manager English Department Hmason2@gmu.edu
Janette Muir Yes Associate Provost, Undergraduate Education Provost’s Office jmuir@gmu.edu
Jared Michael Purcell he/him/his Yes Yes Student/TA Research REST, Linguistics jpurcel@masonlive.gmu.edu
Jasmyne Rogers she/her/hers Yes Yes Student Success Coordinator Honors College jroger24@gmu.edu
Jen Barnard she/her/hers Yes Yes Staff Modern and Classical Languages jbarnard@gmu.edu
Jenna Krall she/her/hers Yes Assistant Professor Global and Community Health jkrall@gmu.edu
Jennifer Atkinson she/her/hers Yes Faculty English/Creative Writing jatkins2@gmu.edu
Jessica Adams she/her/hers Yes Executive Administrative Assistant University Life jadams15@gmu.edu
Jillian Rogero Zie/Zir Yes Office Coordinator OSCAR jrogero@gmu.edu
Jodi Duke She/Her/Hers Yes Yes Associate Professor Special Education and Disability Research jduke4@gmu.edu
John Holt he/him/his Yes Student/Academic Advisor BA Psychology & Government/ MA Political Science jholt12@masonlive.gmu.edu
Josh Kinchen he/him/his Yes Yes Associate Director, LGBTQ+ Resources Diversity, Inclusion, & Multicultural Education jkinchen@gmu.edu
Judith vanBever-Green she/her/hers Yes Yes Executive Director International Programs and Services jagreen@gmu.edu
Julie Choe Kim She/Her/Hers Yes Director Graduate Student Life ychoekim@gmu.edu
Julie Owen she/her/hers No Yes Faculty School of Integrative Studies jowen4@gmu.edu
Juliet Blank-Godlove Yes Associate Dean
of Students
University Life jblank@gmu.edu
Julio Diaz he/him/his Yes Staff University Life Central & Dean of Students Office jdiaz6@gmu.edu
Kaleb Lewis he/him/his Yes Assistant Director for Career Services School of Business klewis31@gmu.edu
Karen Wolf she/her/hers Yes Staff Office of Tech Integration, University Life kwolf1@gmu.edu
Katharine Rupp she/her/hers Yes Office Manager Center for Social Science Research krupp@gmu.edu
Katherine Skipper she/her/hers Yes Faculty INTO Mason kskipper@gmu.edu
Kathleen Wage she/her/hers Yes Yes Associate Professor Electrical & Computer Engineering kwage@gmu.edu
Katie Richards
she/her/hers Yes Administrative Coordinator Higher Education Program kricha22@gmu.edu
Kiara Baldoceda she/her Yes Student Psychology with a minor in Spanish kbaldoce@gmu.edu
Kylie Stamm she/her/hers Yes Assistant Director Diversity, Inclusion, & Multicultural Education kstamm@gmu.edu
Keith Clark he/him/his Yes Professor English/African and African American Studies kclark1@gmu.edu
Keith Renshaw he/him/his Yes Associate Professor Psychology krenshaw@gmu.edu
Kimberly Eby She, her, hers Yes Associate Provost for Faculty Development and Enrichment Office of the Provost keby1@gmu.edu
Lauren Long Yes Executive Director Student Involvement llong3@gmu.edu
Lauren Reuscher She/her/hers Yes Community Manager University Information lclarkg@gmu.edu
Lawrence Butler he etc. Yes Associate Professor of Art History Dept of History
& Art History
Leah Adams she/her/hers Yes Assistant Professor Psychology/ Women & Gender Studies ladamse@gmu.edu
Leigh McCue she/her/hers No Yes Associate Professor Mechanical Engineering lmccuewe@gmu.edu
Lesley Irminger she/her/hers Yes Yes Events Coordinator University Events lirminge@gmu.edu
Lindsay Smith she/her/hers Yes Yes Graduate Research Assistant and Graduate Lecturer Criminology, Law & Society Lsmith67@gmu.edu
Lisa Hill-Corley she/her/hers Yes Admin Assistant Center for Study of Public Choice lhillcor@gmu.edu
Lisa Snyder she/her/hers Yes Associate Director Leadership Education & Development Office (LEAD) lsnyder2@gmu.edu
Liz Bass she/her/hers Yes No Manager, Arlington Campus Library University Libraries ebass2@gmu.edu
Lori Scher she, her, hers Yes Assistant Dean University Life lcohen@gmu.edu
Lori Yi She/Her/Hers Yes Yes Academic Advisor Film and Video Studies lyi3@gmu.edu
LuLu Géza Kelemen they/them/theirs Yes Yes Assistant Director, LGBTQ+ Resources Diversity, Inclusion, & Multicultural Education ckelemen@gmu.edu
Maggie Espino she/her/hers Yes Faculty INTO Mason mespino@gmu.edu
Mark Helmsing he/him/his Yes No Assistant Professor College of Education and Human Development mhelmsin@gmu.edu
Mark Snyder he/him/his Yes Associate Chair and Term Associate Professor Computer Science msnyde14@gmu.edu
Mark Uhen he/him/his Yes Yes Associate Chair and Associate Professor Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Earth Sciences muhen@gmu.edu
Matthew Geske he/him/his Yes No Admin Assistant Mason Community Arts Academy mgeske@gmu.edu
Maxwell Gocala-Nguyen he/him/his Yes Associate Director Undergraduate Recruitment and Engagement School of Business mgocala@gmu.edu
Melissa Purvis she/her/hers Yes No Undergraduate Student Psychology mpurvis2@masonlive.gmu.edu
Melody Kujat she/her/hers Yes Yes Access Services Specialist, Arlington Campus Library University Libraries mkujat@masonlive.gmu.edu
Micah Hodges He/Him/His No Yes Success Coach Mason Care Network mhodges9@gmu.edu
Michael Galvin Yes Associate Director, Regional Campuses Office of Tech Integration, University Life mgalvin@gmu.edu
Michael Guston Police Lieutenant Police Department
Michal McElwain Malur she/her/hers Yes Director, External Programs Schar School Schar School mmcelwai@gmu.edu
Michele Pieper she, her, hers, herself Yes Yes Department Operations Manager Computer Science mpieper@gmu.edu
Misty Krell she/they Yes Yes Director of Academic Affairs School of Integrative Studies mkrell@gmu.edu
Naomi Martinez-Jones Her/She Yes Director Disability Services nmarti20@gmu.edu
Natalie Niemeyer She/her/hers Yes Alumna Global Affairs and anthropology niemeyer.natalie@gmail.com
Nikita Thadani she/her No Yes Graduate Professional Assistant for Graduate Student Engagement Graduate Student Life and Clinical Mental Health Counseling major nthadani@gmu.edu
Nivedita Anjaria she/her/hers Yes No Student, Peer advisor Psychology nanjaria@gmu.edu
Olivia Thompson she/her/hers No Yes Administrative Specialist Housing and Residence Life othomps@gmu.edu
Patrice Levinson she/her/hers Yes Nurse Practitioner Student Health Services plevison@gmu.edu
Patricia Sodeifi Yes Registered Nurse Student Health Services psodeifi@gmu.edu
Patrick Vora he/him/his Yes Assistant Professor Physics and Astronomy pvora@gmu.edu
Pheng (Max) Xiong he/him/his Yes No Associate Registrar Office of University Registrar pxiong@gmu.edu
Phil Eiseman they/them/theirs Yes Yes Staff Psychologist Counseling and Psychological Services peiseman@gmu.edu
Phil Rubin Yes Faculty Physics & Astronomy prubin@gmu.edu
R. Kevin Mallinson he/him/his Yes Yes Associate Professor School of Nursing rmallins@gmu.edu
Rachel Debuque she/hers Yes Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies School of Art and Design rdebuque@gmu.edu
Rachel Jones she/her/hers Yes Chair, Philosophy Philosophy and WMST Affiliated rjones23@gmu.edu
Rachel Lindsey she/her/hers Yes Assistant Director of Career Education University Career Services rlindsey@gmu.edu
Rebecca (Pierce) Howick she, her, hers Yes Program Manager School of Business rpierce4@gmu.edu
Ric Chollar he/him/his Yes Yes Associate Director/Part Time Staff LGBTQ+ Resources rchollar@gmu.edu
Ricardo Vivancos-Perez he, his, él Yes Associate Professor Modern and Classical Languages rvivanco@gmu.edu
Rick Gray he/him/his Yes Associate Director Orientation & Family Programs & Services rgray11@gmu.edu
Rob Pettit he/him/his No Yes Professor Computer Science rpettit@gmu.edu
Robyn Mehlenbeck her/she/hers Yes Director, GMU Center for Psychological Services GMU Center for Psychological Services/Psychology rmehlenb@gmu.edu
Rose Pascarell Yes Yes Vice President University Life rpascare@gmu.edu
Sally Lorentson She/Her/Hers Yes Associate Dean University Life slorents@gmu.edu
Sara Simanski she/her/hers Yes Academic Advisor School of Theater ssimansk@gmu.edu
Sarah Holland she/her/hers Yes Yes Marketing Specialist College of Humanities and Social Sciences sholla4@gmu.edu
Scott Bailey Yes Client Services Manager Mason Learning Solutions sbailey1@gmu.edu
Shannon Davis she/her/hers Yes Faculty Sociology & Anthropology sdaviso@gmu.edu
Sharon Doetsch-Kidder she/her Yes Term Assistant Professor of English and Assistant Pathways Coordinator CHSS and INTO Mason sdoetsch@gmu.edu
Sisc Johnson Yes Staff Student Centers sjohnsd@gmu.edu
Stephan Starling they/them or he/him Yes Yes Master Carpenter (Staff) College of Visual and Performing Arts sstarli@gmu.edu
Sylvia L. Schreiner she/her/hers Yes Yes Assistant Professor
Linguistics Program, English Department
Tamara Harvey she/her/hers Yes Associate Professor of English English tharvey2@gmu.edu
Tamika Tait She/Her/Hers Yes Yes Resident Director Housing & Residence Life ttait@gmu.edu
Tanneh Kamara Yes Staff GeorgeSquared, College of Science tkamara@gmu.edu
Theresa Wills They/them/she/hers Yes Yes Assistant Professor of Math Ed College of Education and Human Development twills@gmu.edu
Trasi Watson she/her/hers Yes Associate Director, Industry Advising & Employer Development University Career Services twatso@gmu.edu
Troy Lowery he/him/his No Yes Director, Student Outreach Undergraduate Academic Affairs: College of Humanities and Social Sciences tlowery2@gmu.edu
Valerie Bartush she/her/hers Yes Academic Advisor Student Affairs, College of Health and Human Services vbartush@gmu.edu
Vicki Kirsch Yes Faculty Social Work vkirsch@gmu.edu
Victoria Burns she/her/hers Yes No Graduate Student Social Work vburns2@masonlive.gmu.edu
Wayne Adams He, him, his Yes Academic Advisor CAART radams11@gmu.edu
Yassmin Salem She/her/hers Yes Student Fairfax ysalem@masonlive.gmu.edu